lördag 6 oktober 2012

Tanja & Henrik, a day full of love!

And here they are...
The pictures I know some of you have been longing for, and I promise you, they're soo worth the wait! This fairytale weddingday, with all this love in the air, the making of new friends, renewal of old ones, everyone really enjoying every moment, every single minute, and leaving beautiful memories for us all to share today and every day from now on... I can't really describe all the joy and good feelings we all felt this day... So enough said, with a smile on my face I give you Tanja and Henriks weddingday att Grenaa, Denmark.


5 kommentarer:

  1. beautiful memories & amazing work!!! you put a smile on my face for like...forever! ;-)

  2. Hittade dig via bröllopsglamour - älskar det du gör! :)

  3. Thank you all for your lovely words! And I will always remember this special wedding with a smile on my face and a warm feeling in my heart! :-*

  4. Så vackert och känslosamt. Mysigt med alla i en ring!