fredag 17 augusti 2012

Crazy fridaywedding

Today Maria from Russia and Ken from China tied the knot with all their friends and family who has comed from the whole world to participate and share their love at their wedding.

This crazy day started early at 8.00 at the hairdresser, Kens hairdresser! And then the time just flew away and it was time to drive through the city of Stockholm like a car-thief to make it in time for the ceremony in St Klara church. But we made it, and they got married, and here you get a quick sneak peek from the beautiful church! The rest of the wedding is coming up soon and then I'll tell you all the super-romantic details about how they met! I mean, how often do you meet the love of your life on the street and the magic is there right away? 

And during all the shooting today we have laughed like insane, the more crazy idea after the other popped up and I've got a ton of great photos!

This is the first time ever I am running out of memorycards! It has happened so much fun things today and I've been shooting like a mad man (woman), so now during the party I have to take a break and move the photos from my camera into the computor so I can go on shooting!

Gotta go, it's time for party!!!

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